Vacation on Richard Branson’s relaunched Necker Island in the Caribbean

Vacation on Richard Branson’s relaunched Necker Island in the Caribbean

Business magnate Richard Branson famously bought a private island for just $180,000 in the 1970s, and over the years, he’s transformed Necker Island into a luxurious private resort for discerning guests just like himself.

Following a large-scale revamp of its lodgings, Necker Island has now reopened to sun-seekers from around the globe. Two brand new rooms and an additional Balinese-style villa have also been added to the existing resort space.

The Beach Pavilion Tennis Court
Play chess with a view at the Great house

The island’s main resort, the Great House, certainly lives up to its name. It’s a sprawling alfresco wonder replete with 11 guest rooms, each with panoramic views of the Caribbean and the neighbouring islands. Each room is also equipped with their own private outdoor jacuzzis and sundecks to maximise the amount of balmy sun that guests can soak up.

Lounge away in a hammock on the beach
Even bathrooms come with fantastic views at Necker Island

Since the island is, of course, owned by the eccentric billionaire himself, you’re sure to find a host of activities to keep you occupied during your stay. The island is well-equipped to host parties of Caligulan proportions, with various themes available on request. If you prefer some peace and quiet, take to the waters and learn to kitesurf, or head to the private tennis court for a game in the island’s endless sunshine.

An aerial view of Necker Island

The Virgin founder himself often vacations on the island – in fact, Branson himself was married on the island, where he famously flew in dangling from the rails of a helicopter. Years later, his daughter would also have her ceremony there as well – albeit without the dramatic entrance. Its a testament to Necker Island’s unique brand of private luxury – and fun.