All about $17 Million Jada Dubai shoes. #OHMG!

All about $17 Million Jada Dubai shoes. #OHMG!

How much is it worth to add some sparkle to your step? Does about $17 million seem reasonable? Well, that’s the price tag on a pair of diamond-covered gold pumps on sale in Dubai right now — and the flashy footwear is causing quite a stir.

Two companies collaborated to create the ornate shoes: Jada Dubai, a shoe company that creates a variety of over-the-top, intricate high heel designs, and Passion Jewellers, a diamonds and jewelry manufacturer. According to Reuters, the shoes boast over 100 carats of flawless diamonds set on white gold that trim the gold leather base of the shoe.

The “most expensive shoes in the world,” as the Jada Dubai website calls them, are currently being housed at the extravagant Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.

“We can see some potential buyers here, Dubai is the city of millionaires and billionaires,” Hemani Karamchandani, the chief executive of Passion Jewellers told Reuters.

Karamchandani also explained that this is just the start for the brand’s foray into footwear-plus-precious jewels: The brand plans on creating custom designs in the future and incorporating rubies and sapphires to the shoes, in addition to diamonds.

The news of the high-priced heels has gained a lot of attention on Twitter. Many are in shock over the price, while others are cracking jokes about the over-the-top price tag.

There’s no word yet on whether or not the shoes found a buyer.